Specialising in Health Kinesiology & Neurostructual Integration as an integrated health approach, Joint & Muscle Pain Clinic relocated to Cromwell, Central Otago in 2009

Health Kinesiology is part of alternative and complementary medicine.  Neurostructural Integration Technique  is considered by leading health authorities to be the world's premier 'hands-on' technique in spinal and structural therapy.  Both are holistic health and healing modalities that focus on health and wellness.

Collectively these procedures are appropriate for all Physical, Mental and Emotional Health concerns and are suitable for people of all ages and indispositions including elderly, children and babies.

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About Us

Joint & Muscle Pain Clinic is owned and operated by Vern Affleck. Vern's passion for perfection and the belief that it was unnecessary for clients to accept the need of regular or periotic on-going  treatments for the same complaint has been the driving force for his continuing education since progressive graduation of his core interest's  – Naturopathy, Massage Therapy, and Aromatherapy, starting  in 1990.

Neurostructural Integration Technique and Health Kinesiology not only complement but provide a considerable advancement on all the other modalities from his earlier education.

Both Neurostructual Integration Technique (NST) and Health Kinesiology (HK) are gentle, non-invasive techniques that are safe for all conditions and age groups and complementary to main-stream procedures.


Unbalanced muscle tensions cause dysfuntion and pain.


Balanced muscle tensions create health and vitality.

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Verdun R Affleck

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Verdun R Affleck Dip MT, Dip HA, HbT, MNZ, NZROHA, KANZ

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